Unmute iPad

So, you downloaded a cool game, started it up but uncounted the problem - your new iPad Air / Retina iPad mini or older Apple tablet i.e. iPad 2 / iPad3 / iPad iPad 4 is mute. Or you wanna play you favorite music but again - no sounds. Your checked the Rotate / Mute toggle on the right side of the tablet, pressed Volume button (or two separate buttons that adjusted Volume on iPad Air) to increase/decrease the sound, but nothing happened. Don't panic, the change can come quickly and easily.First check if iPad's speaker is ON:

iOS < 7.0

    1. Double-press the Home physical button located at the bottom middle part of the device (or use four-finger gesture). This will bring up the multitasking bar. It may be empty or with icons of recently used apps.
    2. In any case sweep this bar with your finger from left to right.
    3. Find the speaker icon. If it is crossed with line tap it to set speaker ON. Move the slider at the right half of multitasking bar to set the sound volume.

iOS 7.0 or greater

On devices running iOS 7 the sound is controlled by the slider that can be moved from left / mute to right / loud position. This slider is nested inside Control Center. The last one can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. So, make sure that this slider is not in the fully mute position

If after all manipulations your iconic tablet is still mute do the following :

    1. Find the earphones you use with Apple tablet or other headphones with the 3 mm plug.
    2. Plug it into Headphone jack on the top side of iPad.
    3. Unplug it.
    4. Plug and unplug again.
    5. Do it for a few times.Some times the iPad's headphone port can get gunked up just muting the whole device. Plug and unplug procedures may clear it up.

Sometimes the issue of muted Apple tablet is docking mode in which it has stuck. In this case the following sequence can be in handy:
    1. Turn OFF your tablet.
    2. Turn it ON in 30 seconds.
    3. Connect Card Reader (with Card holding photos) from iPad Camera Connection Kit to Dock port on tablet.
    4. *Check again the state of mute / unmute controls on tablet.

Fiddling with tablet may encourage you to unveil 50+ secrets that can help you maintain iPad.