Turning off iPad

Turning OFF iPad Air, new iPad mini as well as iPad of older gens (i.e. iPad 2 / iPad 3 / iPad 4) is in fact a straightforward procedure. Nevertheless there is some sequence you should follow to avoid any problem. To shut down your iconic tablet:
    1. Close any app opened on iPad by using five-fingers-pinch gesture .
    2. Tap Settings and toggle Airplane mode to ON.
    3. Open multitasking bar via four-fingers swipe-up gesture.
    4. Tap any icon on multitasking bar and hold it until all icons began to wriggle.
    5. Close all app running in background by tapping in sequence all cons wriggling on multitasking bar.
    6. Close multitasking bar by tapping on empty space of ipad screen.
    7. Press and hold for a few seconds the Sleep-Wake button on top of the tablet until a red slider appears.
    8. Slide to power off the red slider.

In many occasions turning OFF and ON your Apple tablet is the first action you need to take when working around its problems.

In some cases iPad may not be responsive to the Sleep-Wake button.

If this is a case when it is turned on try hard reset . On the contrary, when you can not turn iPad ON and it seems to be frozen try to charge its battery first. In many cases the empty battery is the main reason for such behavior and charging it for at least 20 minutes restores the iPad health. Fiddling with tablet may encourage you to unveil 50+ secrets that can help you maintain iPad