Touch Screen Response

Troubleshooting touch screens on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

If the areas of the screen on your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch ( that do not respond accurately to touch and you are sure that your hands are not dirty or wet, the gadgets are not physically damaged and irresponsive spots are not third-party applications issues, mind you, the problem may lie in the moisture penetrated and accumulated inside the screen over the time due to improperly sealed capacitive touchscreen. If this a case the weird areas of the screen may "move", "grow" or "contract" and do not depend on versions of iOS, soft or hard resets, turning OFF and ON your particular device. To troubleshoot iPad, iPhone or iPod touch that are out of Apple's warranty try the following (at your own risk) to turn the screen to the way it should be

    1. Check the battery of your Apple device. It should be at least 50 % charged.
    2. Shut down the gadget.
    3. Release iPad/ iPhone / iPod from any cover and place it on the firm surface, the screen facing you.
    4. Take off screen protector, if any.
    5. Take hairdryer and apply the hot air to the screen for 20 minutes. Do not bring the hairdryer too close to the screen. Three inches will be enough to heat it up to 60 - 70 oС. Exceeding such temperatures may damage the screen. Do not use heat guns (they are too hot) or any other heaters except hairdryers.
    6. After 20 minutes of heating switch off the hairdryer and let iPad/ iPhone / iPod touch to cool down to room temperature. Do not turn it ON during this time.
    7. After the Apple gadget is cooled down you can turn it ON. In most cases the heat treatment restores functionality of the touch screen.

Mind you, advice above to use hairdryer to treat unresponsive touch is applicable to capacitive touch screens attached to any gadgets. Among them are already tested: Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, LG Arena KM900 to name only a few.