Sleep (lock) iPad

Good sleep helps to safe the juice of your Apple tablet when it is not in use. To send into sleep(that is to lock) either the newest iPad Air / Retina iPad mini or Apple tablet of older gens i.e. iPad 4 / iPad 3 / iPad2:
    1. Tap Settings.
    2. Tap General.
    3. On the General Submenu ( right-half of the window) tap Auto-Lock.
    4. On the Auto-Lock submenu tap minutes that should elapse before Aplle tablet goes to sleep.
    5. Return to home screen by using five-finger multitouch gesture.

Apple tablet will automatically lock itself after minutes you specified in Auto-Lock settings elapsed (providing you did not "played" with it during this idle time). In some cases you may do not want to wait until gadget will auto-lock and and prefer to lock iPad immediately. This can be done by pressing shortly the Sleep (aka Lock ) /Wake button which is at the top of ipad. Once you press the button the tablet will be locked. The screen will be shut off (you will hear short Lock sound providing "Lock Sound" option is ON in Settings ==> General ==> Lock Sounds). Nevertheless, preferable way to lock Apple Tablet is to use either virtual Home button or magnet field, coming from magnet incorporated into tablet's cover providing you have the one with such feature. Mind you, magnet field is capable to awake the tablet : all you need is to open your "smart" cover. But if you don't have such smart thing , you may use the field from any magnet, magnet sticker is good enough: just pass it over the right edge of the iPad's screen, indenting roughly 1/3 of its height from the top edge. Sure, you can unlock Apple tablet, by pressing the Home button (preferably the virtual one) then sliding the Virtual Slider at the bottom of Lock screen (iOS < 7.0) or swiping the Lock screen from right to left (iOS 7 or greater).

If you prefer your tablet may stay awake forever, just turn the sleep Off. To do this

    1. Follow first three steps above.
    2. On the Auto-Lock submenu tap Never.
    3. Return to home screen by using five-finger multitouch gesture.
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