Renaming iPad

A bad naming makes a bad ending. So the name for your favorite gadget is not last thing you should think about. But what if your first choice was not good enough and you wanna change the name for either your new iPad Air / Retina iPad mini or older Apple tablet i.e. iPad 3 / iPad 2 / iPad 4. We can assure you that renaming your iconic tablet as simple as connect it into iTunes and follow a few steps.

    1. Connect Apple tablet to your computer with USB cable that comes with your device. (Be wised enough to connect the end of the cable that goes to iPad first then that one to the computer second). When iTunes opens, your device will be shown up with a little icon in the left sidebar. Right to the icon you will see the tablet name.
    2. Point your mouse to this name and double click it. The name will appear inside white box showing that its editable now.
    3. Change the iPad name inside this white box and click outside the box.
    4. Disconnect softly your tablet from iTunes by clicking the Up arrow on the left side of the device list.
    5. Disconnect the narrow end of USB cable from computer and then the wide end from Apple tablet.

That is all. From now on the name of your iconic tablet will be fresh.

Are you intimidated with all above steps? Relax. There is even simpler procedure for renaming your new ipad:

    1. Tap Settings.
    2. On the Settings menu tap General.
    3. On the General submenu tup About.
    4. On the About submenu tap Name.
    5. Put in the field whatever you like. This will be the name of your new iPad.
    6. Return to the Home.
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