Protect iPad

If you are one of the lucky owners of either iPad / iPad 2 / iPad 3 /iPad 4 or even the newest iPad Air / Retina iPad mini the ”how to protect? “ question is probably the first one that will strike your mind. Is there a need to protect iconic tablet by applying one of the numerous screen film protectors? What case to choose for iPad? The questions are not simple to answer for newbie and our geeks are eager to help you.

First. Do not listen to those companies that try to convince you that the screen of Apple tablet needs their products. iPad has the highest quality scratch resistant screen that can endure any attempts to damage it, except to diamond. But we do not expect that you will intentionally use this jewel to test the tablet. Our geeks have been involved in the following experiments: they were scratching the screens of their iPads with coins, keys, screwdrivers and fragments of bricks for half an hour. After that the iPad screens were examined under magnifying glasses . No scratches at all.

The other experiment we have tried was the drop test to clarify whether the protection films prevent iPad screen from cracking in the event you drop your iPad. More than tens of films were tested with negative result.
So, our answer on “protect iPad screen or not?” with screen protective films is NOT. Unless you are in very certain harsh environmental situations, the screen protection is just waste of money and making your device not quite as nice in the operation. As a rule of thumb any protection film on the screen of your iconic tablet is a lemon.

Second. Let’s turn to the iPad protective cases. Opposite to protective film the good covering case is absolutely necessary accessory that can prevent the device from damages in many situations, even in the case of dropping. Our geeks tested dozens of products and found the best iPad case available by now. This is Convertible Book Jacket by Incase ($59,95 in Apple Store). This is a multifunctional carrying case that features durable faux-leather construction with secure elastic band closure, very rigid and very secure covers, interior suede lining for scratch protection, transforming design that helps to convert from carrying case to stand with multiple viewing angles. All our geeks had put away their original iPad cases after they bought this wonderful Convertible Book Jacket.

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