Print iPad screen

Hint Mind you, advice on iPad below are iPhone / iPod touch applicable.

OK, iPad / iPad 2 / iPad 3 / iPad 4 and even the newest iPad Air / Retina iPad mini does not have the built-in Print-Screen-button (abbreviated as Prt Scr) you can find on all Windows keyboards. The sole function of this button is to take a snapshot or picture of your computer screen. Afterward you can use it in a presentation, create your own album of screenshots showing how to perform a specific task, etc. The possibilities are abysmal. Are you, as an Apple tablet owner, limited to take similar shots? Not at all. Don't panic, change can come quickly and easily:

    1. Stay on the screen that you wan to to do screen capture.
    2. Holding down the Home-button click the Sleep/Wake button , then release Home button first (You will hear a sound and see your screen flash). Please note that very important to release first Home button, then the Power button. If opposite you will send into sleep your ipad without shot of its screen.
    3. Go into your photos and see the shot of the screen of your iconic tablet.
You can then use as a wall paper, email, sync or share (whatever you want) the screen shot like any other picture.

The above procedure involves the interaction with the physical Home button of iPad. As any mechanical stuff it may eventually wear out from the frequent use. But relax. Our geeks shared an advice on how to make shots of ipad's screen not touching this button at all. All you need is to activate virtual Home button on your Apple tablet. To do this:

    1. Tap Settings.
    2. In Settings Submenu tap General.
    3. Scroll down the General submenu to find Accessibility.
    4. Tap Accessibility.
    5. In the Accessibility submenu tap AssistiveTouch.
    6. Set Assistive Touch into ON state (After turning ON, a transparent icon of round button will appear at the bottom right of the screen. You can dock it onto other places, just play with it).
    7. Return to Home screen by using five-finger gesture.

From now on if you wanna take a shot of the tablet's screen with the use of the virtual Home button do the following (iOS < 6.0):
    1. Tap that transparent icon of the round button and face as it will unfold into darker square with four icons on it. The icon at the bottom of that square denoted as Home is virtual Home button.
    2. Follow the above procedure and use this virtual Home button exactly as physical one to print the screen of your Apple tablet. (the only drawback of this method is that your shot of ipad screen will contain that darker square with four icons on it.)

For iOS 6.0
    1. Tap that transparent icon of the round button and face as it will unfold into dark square with four icons on it. The icon at the right of that square denoted as Device is virtual Device button.
    2. Tap that virtual Device button and find the dark square with six icons on it. One of them pictured by three bright dots is virtual More button.
    3. Tap that virtual More button and find the dark square with four icons on it. As its name implies the icon denoted as Screenshot is for virtual button to print screen.
    4. Tap that virtual Screenshot button to print screen of your iconic tablet.

For tablets with iOS 7 ( sure the case for iPad Air / Retina iPad mini) both the icons for virtual buttons and dark-square that holds them look a bit different than those ones for previous version of iOs, but never mind, the basic idea is the same - use them instead of utilizing real physical buttons. (Unfortunately new design for icons of iOS 7 as well as its "all-new" flat design prevents the vast majority of geeks from addressing the Apple tablets running this OS as "iconic" tablets. They are just tablets, best ones regarding to hardware but not best as to their GUI, opposite to the older iOS 6 / iOS 5).

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