Passcode iPad

Hint Mind you, advice on iPad below are iPhone / iPod touch applicable.

If you are concerned about keeping your new iPad Air / Retina iPad mini or its predecessor that is iPad 4 / iPad 3 / iPad 2 from unwanted access protect it by setting a password. Many users think that Apple tablet allows only very simple 4-digits passcode. Not at all. You can set on your iconic tablet the passcode of any complexity. Here's how to do it:

    1. Locate “Settings” icon on your Apple tablet and tap it.
    2. In the opened window tap “General” located on the half-left of the screen, this will trigger the change of the half –right of it where you can find Password Lock options.
    3. Tap Password Lock, witness the changing half-right , locate the “Simple Password” option.
    4. If it in “ON” state tap it. This will change the “Simple Password” state to “OFF”.
    5. Locate “Turn Password On “ option at the top of half-right of the screen.
    6. Tap it and witness the “Set Passcode” subwindow.
    7. Enter a passcode of any complexity you can imagine. (memorize it!)
    8. Tap Next on the upper right corner of the Set Password subwindow.
    9. Confirm your password by re-entering it and tap Done.

Now when you (or someone) access the tablet the password is needed to enter to go in.

Remember, if you use the regular 4 digit passcode, it can be figured out in around 50 minutes, so, it’s a really good idea to use a larger code.

But what to do if you your lockscreen password is very sophisticated and you have forgot it? In this case your lifesaver is the recovery mode for iPad Unfortunately you will lose all of your data stored on device, there is nothing you can do about that. Fiddling with tablet may encourage you to unveil 50+ secrets that can help you maintain iPad.