Get out of DFU mode

Hint Mind you, advice on iPad below are iPhone / iPod touch applicable.

You will see nothing (or just white background) on the screen of your iPad Air / Retina iPad Mini / iPad 2 /iPad 3 / iPad 4 if the tablet is in DFU mode. To get out of DFU mode take the following steps:

    1. Start iTunes.
    2. Connect iPad to Mac / PC via USB cable. (Look here how to connect properly).
    3. Simultaneously press and hold for 10 seconds both HOME and Sleep/Wake buttons.
    4. After 10 seconds release both buttons.
    5. Press shortly the Sleep/Wake button.
    6. Wait until your tablet will start up.

You may kick out of dfu mode not connecting Apple tablet to Mac / PC. To do this
  • simply press simultaneously both HOME and Sleep/Wake buttons and keep them holding until Apple logo appear on the screen.
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