Multitasking on iPad

Upgrade to iOS 4.2 or higher enhances iPad with multitasking – the ability to keep as many eligible apps running in background as it can hold in memory at one time and keeping all others in suspended state where they are frozen at where you last left off. In theory apps will be purged from the suspended state if the Apple tablet runs out of dedicated system memory. So it is iOS responsibility to chose the correct moment for RAM cleaning. However, if you have any doubt about performance of your Apple tablet of older gens i.e iPad /iPad 2 / iPad 3 / iPad mini / iPad 4 ( that runs iOS < 7.0 ) get rid off all unwanted apps sitting in background and consuming tablet's RAM. To do this just follow steps below:

    1. Double-tap the home button to bring up the multitasking bar.
    2. Scroll through the icons, find the one you wish to close.
    3. Tap and hold on the icon until the red circle with white dash in it appears on the top left corner of the icon.
    4. Tap the red circle with a dash. This will release the memory from that app in background.

One more reason to keep the memory of your iconic tablet as clean as possible is to keep its battery from being drained early. Energy avid apps living in background (especially those ones that feed speakers) do not favor battery's life span.

On iPads running iOS 7 or higher ( sure the case of iPad Air / Retina iPad mini that comes with iOas 7.0.3 right out of box) you can perform even better killing at once several apps living in background:

    1. Double-tap the home button to bring up the multitasking window holding apps' cards (thumbnails).
    2. Place your fingers on cards relevant to apps you are going to delete.
    3. Simultaneously swipe up those cards.This will release the memory from relevant apps in background but keeping them in store on your iPad.

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