Migrate from old to new iPad

OK, you made a decisive step and upgraded to the newest iPad Air /Retina iPad mini from your older tablet i.e iPad 2 / iPad 3 / iPad 4; your fingers itch to give him all content (apps, pictures, music, etc. ) from your old Apple tablet. Web is full of advice on how to do it either via restore of backups using iTunes (old classic route) or iClouds (modern route), just google. However in most cases those advices hide the fact that a lot of people are encountering the problems when moving from an old iPad to a new one using either of above ways of migration: your new iPad may be fine with restoring about the first 45 of about 170 apps and then stalled for 5 – 7 hours on the same app (how much risk can you endure during breathless waiting?), or apps may randomly appear on iPad after being fully installed, or you may encounter complete mess, when all apps are stalled.

But relax. We will give the 100% safe route to migrate from your old iPad to new one. The trick is that all content (purchased and free) you had on old Apple tablet can be downloaded free of charge, one at a time, directly from AppStore or iTunes Store. To do this:

    1. Tap on your new iPad the App Store icon (for previously purchased, including free, apps) or iTunes icon (for previously purchased, including free, music, movies, books).
    2. Sign in with the same account you used for the previous purchase.
    3. Tap Purchased from the bottom navigation bar.
    4. If you are in AppStore navigate to choose app your want to appear on you new iPad, tap its icon and then tap instal.
    5. If you are in iTunes Store choose relevant media button , locate item you want to download, tap it.

As to the other content on your old ipad, that is data of various apps, send them to cloud storage sources such as iCloud, Box.net, SugarSync, Dropbox, CX. All major apps directly interact with these sources and are capable of getting data back from them.

At first sight such procedure of “manual” migration from old to new iPad seems to be a bit time consuming (in fact it is not). But it is nothing compared with the chance to get unresponsive brick instead of shiny iPad when using "automated" restore-from-backup method. And still "manual" transfer to new Apple tablet is a good opportunity to get rid of old unused apps and have a leaner device.

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