Magic: Mouse and Trackpad
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Apple Magic Mouse & Magic Trackpad

So, why on earth they are magic? The answer is simple. Actually, the answer is their sensitive surface that magically responds to Multi-Touch gestures to run wirelessly via Bluetooth virtually everything on your Mac. However after Apple’s magicians announced that their new pointing gadgets are magic , a batch of stories and blog entries appeared telling us that they are not so magic as should be. Some of them are certainly very real and we must deal with it. Magic certainly isn’t for Windows users but is for every Mac OS X fans who follow our advises on the use of Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad.

The biggest disappointment users have with Apple’s Magic Mouse is its slow tracking speed. Even if you drag to the "Fast" the Tracking slider in the mouse configuration this froward Magic Mouse remains too lazy especially on the big screens. But you can easily speed up your Magic Mouse by following this tip:

    1. Launch up your Terminal Application.
    2. Type in Terminal window the following defaults write -g 10 (12 is max possible, 3 is default value. You can try any number between 4 and 12, but 10 seems to be the best).
    3. Press Enter.
    4. Close Terminal window.
    5. Reboot your Mac.

The above simple command works as if by magic: your Apple Magic Mouse tracks up much faster.