Capture youtube video on Mac

You know that using build-in features of Safari browser you can easily download to your Mac machine any YouTube video. So here our geeks share to you some tricks and advanced techniques on how to capture youtube video on Mac:

    1. Open Safari that comes as part of OS X and go to YouTube page with the video you want to save on Mac.
    2. Start to play this video.
    3. Press simultaneously Command-Option-A keys to open the Activity window of Safari.
    4. In this window press the disclose triangle near the left side of the title of video you are playing right now to open (if it is not visible ) the list of files associated with this video.
    5. In the list that appears, locate the biggest file (as rule of thumb look for the file measured in megabytes).
    6. Press down the Option key and holding it pressed use twice right click to start to download this file.
    7. After download is completed find in folder you designated for downloaded items the file with .flv extension.This is a movie you saved from YouTubes.
    8. To start playing it use the third-party players, for example VLC media player which is free.