Refined tips, tricks and secrets for Lumia 925 / 920
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Hint Mind you, the most of advice on Lumia 925 / 920 are applicable to all Lumia WP8 phones including, but not limited to, Lumia 1020 .

Lumia 925 by Nokia, the latest flagship for Windows 8 Phone, is all-around snappy smartphone with the high quality of design, well balanced operating system and user-friendly functions. Vast herds of both iOS and Android have already given it a try and their opinions can be described by only one word… WOW. Nevertheless, complaints of the battery drain for Lumia 925 users exploded onto every Lumia-related forum on the Internet, most common are: "… had to charge it up to three times a day…" "Lumia 925 battery drains so quickly" , and so on. This has prompted our geeks to scrutinize the case. What they found is that the most of battery related issues come from numerous background agents "hidden" for Lumia users. Those agents perform a various task including, but not limited to, data synchronization between your phone and different Microsoft / Nokia on-line services, data collection on phone usage combined with subsequent sending to Microsoft / Nokia , etc. Most of these "spying-agents" are not only useless for user, but consume quite a bit of power (even at the time when all communications are OFF) thus draining the battery. But the good thing is that all those quirks can be tuned to give your Lumia at least five full days of descent life on a single charge. Let us go through everything though.

Tuning system-specific agents on Lumia 925:

  • Disable keybord-spying agent.
    1. Tap Settings tile.
    2. Tap keyboard.
    3. Tap advanced.
    4. Uncheck "Improve suggestions by sending information about my keyboard usage to Microsoft".
  • Disable Wi-Fi-specific agent.
    1. Tap Settings tile.
    2. Tap Wi-Fi.
    3. Tap advanced.
    4. Uncheck all four options.
  • Disable feedback-to-Microsoft agent.
    1. Tap Settings tile.
    2. Tap feedback.
    3. Toogle Send feedback to OFF.
  • Disable battery-saver. Being turned ON this agent watches for battery charge and when it is too low (less than 20%) shuts down some services running in background of Lumia. But battery-saver agent is running all the time , adding the extra load on processor. If your intent is to tune manually all unnecessary agents as we recommend here then there is no need for one more power-consuming service like battery saver. Besides, the best policy to last you battery is to keep it charged between 40 % and 80 % (see below) where battery saver remains absolutely useless.
    1. Tap Settings tile.
    2. Tap battery saver.
    3. Toogle Battery Saver to OFF.
  • Disable Speech recognition agent from Microsoft. Being enabled this agent sent to Microsoft the words you speak, including recent contact names and data. Note, you will still be able to use voice commands on phone with disabled agent.
    1. Tap Settings tile.
    2. Tap speech.
    3. Uncheck Enable Speech Recognition Service.