Refined tips, tricks and secrets for Kindle DX
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When it comes to making the choice between e-book readers available on the market the first thing that many people realize is that Amazon offers the revolutionary "big-screen" gadget that is Kindle DX. With its amazing 9.7 inches display the e-book reading becomes much simpler process, especially if your eyes are not what they used to be.

However, sometimes this sophisticated gadget becomes stupid and behaves in strange ways. And you start asking yourself the questions like this "how to get this foolish device to behave in proper way?". To find the correct tips, tricks and secrets select appropriate topic:

Extend Kindle battery life

The Kindle DX boasts a built-in, rechargeable, 3.7V Lithium Polymer cell of 1530mAh. Amazon claims that a properly maintained Kindle DX battery is designed to last for up to a few years. So, the question is how to treat Kindle DX battery to extend its life? Following are a few simple tips, first five are the most important:

    1. Make sure that you fully recharge Kindle DX battery at least once per month (fully recharge means charging the battery to 100% and then completely running it down).
    2. Don't drop the battery charge to low. The battery cell has its own safe-voltage-limit (~ 3 V). If cell will be driven outside its safe voltage range can cause the failure of the battery and/or, worst case, results in its explode or catching fire while charging. So,the pop-up alarm of low voltage on your Kindle DX screen is a good signal to start the recharging cycle.
    3. To prevent failure, never store the battery fully discharged. Apply some charge before storage, and then charge fully before use.
    4. When possible avoid frequent full discharges. Instead, charge the battery more often. There is no concern of battery's memory when applying unscheduled charges.
    5. Avoid Kindle DX from both overheating (> 35° C )and undercooling (< 0° C). The optimal temperature for Kindle DX is 22-23° C. The elevated temperatures hasten permanent capacity loss for Kindle DX battery. The worst condition is running Kindle DX with a fully charged battery at elevated temperatures. While the battery is kept fully charged, the inside temperature during operation rises to 45°C. So if your Kindle DX exposures direct sun run it at about a 40% state-of-charge.
    6. Free Kindle DX from its leather or any other case when charging the battery. These cases prevent adequate ventilation, and cause extra temperature rise while charging.
    7. To safe battery's power: stay it wireless when you don't need its wispernet connection, and/or turn -off its auto rotate feature.

If Kindle DX discharges too quickly turn OFF Wireless (Home ==> Menu) and disable "Auto" for Screen Rotation ( Press "Aa" button and set "Screen Rotation" to anything you want but not to "Auto"). If Kindle DX battery is discharged and will not accept a charge the Amazon firmware may be glitched. In this case you may need to apply hard reset to device providing the outlet is live and the charger is not out of order. If the charging light next to your Kindle's micro-USB port is not lit and you are completely sure that outlet is all right then try to reset the operating system that powers Amazon e-reader.

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