Refined tips, tricks and secrets for Jawbone UP
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The innovative health tracking wristband, namely UP by Jawbone, is very popular among people who care about their health. Nice product , but numerous complaints nevertheless, that have flooded relevant forums. The most common discussed matters are: " Jawbone UP2 band won't charge ", band won't sync", "the battery life has decreased from 10 days to one day within very short period of time" , the band is dead after a few weeks / months of wearing " and so on.

So, it comes as a surprise that gadget that is the highest excitement for customers when they got it , becomes the biggest frustration after a while. This has prompted our geeks to scrutinize the case. What they found is that the most of Jawbone UP problems come from users themselves: they use the wrong way of taking OFF / ON the wearable From / To their wrist and they do not know how to charge it properly to prevent from failure.

How to take OFF / ON Jawbone UP2/24 without damaging it.

Mind you, due to its design Jawbone UP has the spots very sensitive to bending.

That is why taking it ON / OFF in a way like shown in the following picture will inevitable damage the gadget, and it is not a question of “IF”, but “WHEN”.

There are several steps you should take to remove Jawbone UP bracelet from your wrist without damaging it (the sequence is relevant to the band on the left hand and can be easily adopted to the right one):

Now, the sequence for taking ON the band safely: