Refined tips, tricks and secrets for iPhone / iPod Touch
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Believe us or not but iPhone particularly the latest iPhone 6 model is the most convenient smart-phone that you can have in your pocket. Its stunning touchscreen user-interface turns your routine work into pleasant thing. The same is true for iPod Touch when you want to consider the best music companion.

However, sometimes these sophisticated gadgets become stupid and behaves in strange ways. And you start asking yourself the questions like this "how to get this foolish device to behave in proper way?". To find iPhone / iPod Touch tips, tricks and secrets that answer your questions select the appropriate topic below:

Charging iPhone/iPod battery Cleaning iPhone/iPod touch screen Handle iPhone/iPod crashes

Enter DFU mode

Fix error 9 on iPhone

Fix iPhone/iPod Home Button

Get free books for iPhone

Get out DFU

Hard reset iPhone/iPod

iTunes find iPhone

iTunes errors

Make iPhone/iPod faster

organize photos on iPhone / iPod

passcode iPhone/iPod

print iPhone/iPod screen

Remove apps from iPhone/iPod touch

Touch screen response

Unfreeze iPhone/iPod touch

Waiting apps on iPhone/iPod

Wi-Fi connect iPhone/iPod

Stuck on iOS 8 update