iPhone Stuck On iOS 8 Update

This is the most severe and frustrating problem when applying update to recent family of iOS 8 you find your Apple device stuck on Apple logo and nothing else happens after waiting for quite a mount of time. The following treatment has been verified for manual update failure:

Hint Mind you, advice on iPhone below is iPad applicable.

    1. When finding stuck iPhone / iPad do not disconnect it from iTunes and do not try to turn it off.
    2. Make sure your PC has live connection to Internet
    3. Press simultaneously both Sleep and Home Buttons and hold them until "a plugin cord with iTunes on top" picture will appear on iPhone screen. (At the same time the error message will appear in iTunes on your PC. Press OK to close this message).
    4. Disconnect iPhone from PC. Do not turn it off. Do not close iTunes window. It should stay open
    5. Connect to PC your Apple device that shows on its screen "a plugin cord with iTunes on top". (Restore-and-update- message will appear in iTunes on your PC. Press OK to allow this action).
    6. Do nothing while restoration and update processes will end.
    7. If stuck symptoms persist repeat the above procedure until success. (Reportedly, some updates succeeded after four of five attempts).