iPad Air vs iPad

Guess, what tablet will be the killer of Apple's iPad? Our geeks say - next New iPad. Surprised? OK, whether Apple's competitors like it or do not, we face the iPad's world. Every next generation of this iconic tablet brings changes to physical and technical characteristics of this remarkable device, the only device that deserves to be called tablet at the moment, we are bold to say. There is nothing more "tablettitan" other than next new iPad. However should you have an itch for the newest one? We think that you should answer this question by yourself. Anyway, our geeks have build an iPad technical specs matrix to help you to find differences between all generations of Apple tablet.

Using Geekbench 2 our geeks has benchmarked iPad Air against iPad 4. In a nutshell, iPad Air shows roughly 2x performance at the same battery life. Significant difference, that comes from the new A7 CPU.

So, what's the most remarkable thing about new iPad Air? Do you still think about its slim design? We can argue it is not. No doubt both the physical dimensions and weight of iPad Air are more attractive than , say, those of iPad 4. But the real streak of newest Apple tablet is A7 chip that improves performance against iPad 4, let alone ipad 2 / original iPad. Also worth a highlight the extra M7 coprocessor that adds value for the health-care apps.

Owners of iPad 4 / iPad 3 / iPad 2 may decide to upgrade from their older model and we do recommend such leap of performance. It is worth every bit of the $$$.

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