Siri on iPad

iOS 6.0 added to iPad an intelligent assistant named Siri who utilizes the voice communication to answer questions and perform actions. To use Siri you need enable it first:

    1. Locate Settings icon on tablet’s screen and tap it.
    2. In the opened window find General and tap it. (This will trigger General submenu where you can find Siri field.)
    3. Tap Siri. (This will initiate Siri submenu with dedicated switch that can be in two states).
    4. Trigger the Siri switch to ON.
    5. As per your need configure Voice Feedback, Language and your Identity.
    6. Return to Home screen by using five-finger gesture.

From this time onward you can use Siri. To start it
  • hold down the Home button for about 3 seconds. It will bring to effect the Siri communication panel.

Siri intelligent assistant is the major update users have with iOS 6, but this is only for iPad 3 / iPad 4 and the latest iPad Air / Retina iPad mini. iOS 7 has brought a number of big upgrades to Siri : for example, being activated on iPad Air it can open now Settings and change some of them following your voice command. And what about their predecessors that is iPad 2 and original iPad? If you are an owner of one of them don’t be upset. You also have an option to use an assistant with natural language user interface by installing Voice Answer app available at Apple Store for decent price. This app empowers any Apple tablet of old generations to become a 3D virtual robot. It uses both the powerful 'Wolfram Alpha' and Wikipedia databases to provide answers to any questions you may have, to send messages and emails for you, call people, play music, etc.. And it is so much fun to communicate with such beautiful, female-look-like robot. Her appearance beats the devil and functionality competes with Siri. Fiddling with tablet may encourage you to unveil 50+ secrets that can help you maintain iPad.