Fix iPad Home button

Hint Mind you, advice on iPad below are iPhone / iPod touch applicable.

A Home Button is a round, gently buried switch in the bottom-center of the iPad's front. It is almost always dormant but ready to do the most important thing: to wake up tablet . It may be used frequently to go back to main screen from open app, to open spotlight , to switch to multitasking panel (double click),to go to the first desktop, etc. Another words in most cases the Home Button on iPad / ipad 2 / iPad 3 / iPad 4 or even on the newest iPad Air / Retina iPad mini is responsible for your good mood when your are working with tablet, But what if the Home button has become less responsive, did stop to work proper or works sometimes, sometimes not. Certainly this is frustration and you may think about bringing back your Apple tablet for replacement. But don’t hurry up. Maybe all you need is recalibration of the Home Button:

    1. Launch any standard app on your tablet ( for example Notes).
    2. Press down Power Button and keep it until the red “slide to power off” slider will appear.
    3. Keep it pressed until the red “slide to power off” slider will disappear.(It may be as long as 30 - 40 sec.)
    4. Check if the Home button works; if not repeat above procedure once more.(You may try several times.

That is all. The Home Button symptoms should be relieved. If you find yourself in situation when recalibration did not help and the Home button is not working try the following:
    1. Make sure your Apple tablet is at least 50 % charged.
    2. Place iPad in front of you holding it in landscape mode.
    3. Press down Home Button and keep it pressed while gently and slowly rotating tablet to portrait mode.
    4. Release the Home Button and press it again.
    5. If you get no response after a while press Home Button again and bring iPad back to landscape mode.
    6. Release the Home Button and press it again. Keep it pushed for a second, and then gently release.
    7. Wait for a while for response.
    8. Try above steps a few times to get a response while keeping iPad on hard flat surface.
    9. If you are lucky and get response, recalibrate Home button using the above procedure.

The Home Button on your iconic tablet may be unresponsive simply because it sticks to dirty frame. In this case it does not move at all, so to set it free try the following:
    1. First Turn tablet off.
    2. Apply one-two drops of rubbing alcohol on the rim of Home Button and press it gently and repeatedly.Solvent will evaporate and eventually release Home Button.

Hint:To avoid damage / wearing of physical Home button use the virtual one as frequently as possible. Look how to activate virtual Home button

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