iPad does not appear in iTunes

As our geeks reported, some times they are experiencing an issue that impacts iTune's ability to show under devices list iPad / iPad 2 / iPad 3 or even new iPad mini / iPad 4 when it connected. The problem may come from corrupted Apple Mobile Device drivers and the signal for this are the yellow exclamation marks near the entries that describe those drivers in Device Manager on your PC. If so follow these tips:

    1. Disconnect Apple tablet from computer.
    2. Close iTunes.
    3. Go to Services on your computer (Control panel ==> Administrative Tools ==> Services).
    4. Locate Apple Mobile Device service (if there).
    5. Stop it then start again (Start-up type should be set to Automatic).
    6. Close Control panel and restart computer.
    7. Connect Apple tablet to computer and try again.

If problem persists:
    1. Disconnect Apple tablet from computer.
    2. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers folder on your PC.
    3. Locate usbaapl.inf file in this folder, right click on it and choose install.
    4. After installation complete reboot computer.
    5. Connect your iPad. For now on it should be in the device list on iTunes.
If you are still facing the problem try alternative approach

The issue may be also caused by third party security software that prevents tablet's communication with Apple resources on your PC. So to make iPad recognizable by iTunes try to

    1. Disconnect tablet from computer.
    2. Disable temporarily your security software.
    3. Reboot computer.
    4. Connect your tablet to see it in iTunes.

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