iPad crashes

Hint Mind you, advice on iPad below are iPhone / iPod touch applicable.

Any generation of Apple tablet that is original iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and even the newest iPad Air / iPad mini Retina has limited resources of CPU and RAM allowed to be allocated for both native and external apps. Facing numerous and possibly code-conflicting requests for such resources from those apps iPad may eventually fail in handling them and end in crashing when moving icons, open Safari (or any other program / game), deleting / organizing apps , etc.. There is no no universal panacea for such crashes but some remedies have potential to help:

    1. Have in the habit to open simultaneously no more than 3 apps.
    2. Be accustomed to free up iPad's RAM when either upgrading iOS or installing / updating any app. After iPad will finish these operations turn it OFF, then ON.

To free up RAM of iPad running iOS < 7.0 (sure not iPad Air or iPad mini Retina case):
    1. Open Multitasking Bar on iPad by using four-fingers gesture (or by double clicking Home Button).
    2. Locate any icon on it, tap and hold on this icon until the red circles with white dashes inside appear on the top left corner of all wiggling icons located on Multitasking Bar.
    3. Tap consequently all red circles with a dashes.This will release the memory of iOS tablet from those apps running in background.
    4. Close Multitasking Bar by touching the iPad's screen outside its area.

For tablets running iOS 7 or greater:
    1. Double-tap the home button to bring up the multitasking window holding cards relevant to running apps.
    2. Place your fingers on apps' cards you see.
    3. Simultaneously swipe up those cards. Empty multitasking window by doing this for all cards in it. This will release the memory from relevant apps in background but keep them in store on your iPad.

If you are facing the frequent crashes of any single app even when it runs along:
    1. Try to uninstall it, shut down iPad, turn tablet ON after 30 sec, and install that app again. Being purchased app is stored in App Store depository and ready for you to download free of charge at any time.
    2. If the crashing persists and you desperately need that app try to trim some services running on iPad. Culprits include but not limited to MobileMail service that is responsible for Mail and MobilePhone one that takes care of FaceTime. Also are worth to trim both Notifications delivered by various apps and Spotlight Search Indexing. The trimming can be done via Settings. Have in mind that you can get feelings of iPad background processes via 3rd party apps. Not bad one is the full version of Activity Monitor Touch (by HandyPadSoft ) that unfortunately is not available ( seems to be discarded by Apple?) in App Store at the present. The light (and free) version lacks required functionality.
    3. And the last but not least thing to mitigate iPad crashing is The Hard Reset.

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