Refined tips, tricks and secrets for iPad, iPad Pro, iPad mini and iPad Air
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Possessing an iPad is one thing, understanding it is quite different.To avoid any problem and learn secrets, tips & tricks on how to use iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad of all generations ( i.e. Pad 2, iPad 3 & iPad 4) challenge the advice of our geeks by selecting the appropriate topic:

Airplay iPad

Arrange iPad apps Back to Home screen Best iPad apps Browse files on iPad
Cancel app install Care iPad Charge iPad via USB Cleaning iPad screen Crashing on iPad
Create folder for iPad apps Delete files from iPad Delete iPad apps Delete Pages docs Delete photos
Disable in app purchases Find app on iPad Fix memory error Get free books Get iPad out DFU
Hanged camera Hard reset iPad iPad connection problems iPad does not appear in iTunes iPad get stuck in recovery mode
iPad unable to purchase iPad vs iPad Jailbreak iPad List iPad apps Lock Caps on iPad
Make iPad run faster Migrate iPad Multitasking iPad Multitouch iPad Mute iPad quickly
Organize photos Passcode iPad Print from iPad Print iPad screen Prolong battery lifespan
Protect iPad Recover iPad Remove apps / games Rename iPad folder Renaming iPad
Repair Home Button Rotate iPad Siri Sleep iPad Standby or power off?
stuck on iOS 8 update Touch Screen Response Turn off iPad Type on iPad Unfreeze iPad
Unmute iPad Update iPad Virtual controls Waiting apps on iPad Wi-Fi connect iPad

When it comes to making the choice on how to use Apple tablet of any generation many people realize that this iconic tablet is the most handy device to surf the Web, play a game or even do the business. Literally iPad is a king-device to interact with information. Nevertheless, saying iPad one should mean the piece of Apple hardware intimately involved with proprietary operating system namely iOS.This tablet is designed mostly for individual usability with great attention paid to performance per unit of battery life and very little paid to resource sharing between various apps. This may generate various problems that are specific only to this Apple's gadget. Those problems and issues may become a headache for you. And you will start asking yourself the questions like this - how to use NEW iPad to get better performance - and explore the Web trying to get relevant tips, tricks and secrets. Nevertheless the bulk of those problems has very easy solutions and you will find eventually that your iconic tablet is fun to use.