Hard reset iPad

Hint Mind you, advice on iPad below are iPhone / iPod touch applicable.

OK, you have noticed the strange behavior of your iPad / iPad 2 / iPad 3 /iPad 4 or even the newest Retina iPad mini / iPad Air. It tends to freeze for about a few seconds every minute or is running too slow or something else. This is probably the best time for the hard reset of the tablet. To make things easy follow simple sequence:

    1. Make sure iPad's battery is charged above 20%(we would recommend at least 50 - 60 %). If you are not sure charge you tablet for at least 40 minutes.
    2. Make sure your Apple tablet is in Power On state.
    3. Watching the shining screen of iconic tablet with apps' icons on it press and hold down the Wake/Sleep and the Home buttons simultaneously, ignore the red slide "to power off", just keep both buttons holding until the Apple logo appears. This logo is the signal that the hard reset has succeeded. Be patient, some times the hard restart of iPad may take up to 10 - 15 minutes. But such a long restart is a rare case.

Be sure that hard reset retains all data and settings on iPad, it doesn't delete anything. If you want to start over and delete all personal data from Apple tablet you should use iPad Recovery Mode. Fiddling with tablet may encourage you to unveil 50+ secrets that can help you maintain iPad.