Get free books for iPad

Hint Mind you, advice on iPad below are iPhone / iPod touch applicable.

The newest iPad Air / Retina iPad mini as well as Apple tablets of older gens i.e iPad 2 / iPad 3 / iPad 4 uses the .epub electronic book format. It is an open and free standard that allows for color images, reflowable and resized text, and CSS decorations. You can install free iBook app and buy everything from classics to bestsellers from the built-in iBookstore. But what if you budget does not envisage such spending? Don't panic, the change can come quickly and easily, and you can get all your favorite books into Apple tablet for free:

    1. Install free Stanza app from Apple store.
    2. Google the Web for “epub” to find free book collections.
    3. Find your favorites and download them into your PC or Mac.
    4. E-mail them to yourself.
    5. Go to your email account and chose to open attached epub file/s in Stanza.

That is all. Now you can enjoy your readings. If you wanna read them via Apple’s iBook sync use iTunes to manage and sync free ePub books over iPad. You can also get free ebooks directly from Apple store. To do this:
    1. Install free iBooks app by Apple from the homonymous store.
    2. Tap iBooks icon to open this app.
    3. Tap Store on the upper bar of iBooks window to go to Apple store.
    4. Scroll down the Apple store page to locate Free Books tab in Quick Link section.
    5. Tap Free Books.
    6. Look through the list of free books to find the one you would love to read.
    7. Tap the icon of the specific book to find book description etc.
    8. Tap FREE to get this book ready for reading on you Apple tablet.
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