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Top 10 iPad Air / iPad mini / ipad 4 / iPad 3 / iPad 2 apps

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AppStore has hundreds of tons of Apple iPad apps, but only few of them may constitute an arsenal of great apps to enhance the tablet power. Well, how to find the top iPad apps and, at the same time, safe your affords and money? The answer is simple as that: first thing in the morning install on iPad AppShopper app which can be acquired from AppStore for free. This native iPad application has good filtering by type of application, types of updates and type of price to sieve apps of your needs, one of available filters allows you to watch for which applications there are currently discounts. This way our geeks were able to find best of the best iPad apps and not spent too much to get them on their iPads.

Effective way to find top iPad apps is to use Visual Search service opened by Bing. This will work only from your iPad, not from MAC or PC. Visual Search categorizes the top iPad apps in free, paid, newest ones, i games etc.. there is an option to sort them based on category like lifestyle, education, business, productivity etc.. The advantage to use Visual Search lies also in the ability to have apps description with image gallery. We would recommend for everyone to try Bing Visual Search and compare this way of searching for the list of best iPat apps with that one offered by AppStore. Below is the list of iPad apps recommended for use on your gadget:

iPad Air / iPad 2 / iPad 3 / iPad mini / iPad 4 apps list


At the top of the list of so called "must have" apps for iPad our geeks put the GoodReader which is designed to read, show, play and/or view virtually anything on your Apple tablet. It supports PDF, text, Microsoft Office/iWork, audio, and video files, has a great file management capabilities, allows to transfer files directly from your computer either over USB or WiFi connection, from Internet or email attachment. The file management with GoodReader is straightforward.

You see, you can easy create folders, move files, zip or unzip them, star, protect, mark as read, create a "to do" task associated with selected file/s, delete unwanted stuff and much more things. As far as we know GoodReader is the best app to open zip on iPad and deserves to be nominated as one of the best iPad apps for its functionality, usability and …. price. Currently, the introductory price for GoodReader is $0,99.


These days we experience in our life an inflation of such stuff as passwords, PINs, safe combinations, credit cards numbers, security numbers, your name it. These sensitive data must be kept secure then ever before and accessed easily, virtually at one moment . Due to its incredible speed , “closed” OS and always-on- hand features the iPad represents the ideal place for secure storage of important information. So softwares that allow to encrypt strong and keep data safely are among the top of “must have” apps.

There are free iPad apps that do job, but would not recommend them for lack of functionality and not proven data encryption. Instead, consider to choose favorite among the top players on the field : 1Password, mSecure, eWallet and Data Vault Password Manager. They all do their job perfectly, but what our geeks have chosen is mSecure that has the best price-quality relationship. Since its appearance the price for this iPad app has being changing as follows $1.99 —> $2.99 —> $4.99 but it is less than $14.99 the current for 1Password or $9.99 for eWallet. So if you are bargain hunter looking for the most reliable management of all your security related stuff mSecure is certainly the best must have iPad / iPad 2 application on your device. mSecure relays on industry proven data encryption, best usability, eye candy interface, user customizable categories with unlimited fields, self-destruct mode do delete your data (after given number of attempt in the case of stolen) ,password generator and much more .


Absolute must-have tool for everyday tasks is FileBrowser (FB) which acts on your iPad similar to Windows Explorer on PC or Mac Finder on Apple's computers. The main routines you will use it for are to access files from remote machines including Windows, MAC and NAS drivers via WiFi, then copy or stream them. FileBrowser has "Open With…" option that allows to handle files with appropriate application.The nearest competitor to FileBrowser is Air sharing HD but it is roughly three times overpriced compared to FB and has problems when connecting to NAS.

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