Find app on iPad

Let’s consider a case. You have installed on your newest iPad Air / Retina iPad mini or tablet of older gens i.e. iPad 2 / iPad 3 /iPad 4 the bulk of valuable apps, sorted them by relevant folders and … cannot find where your favorites are exactly. Don't panic, the change can come quickly and easily. Following is a trick:

    1. Make sure the item you want to appear during your searches is allowed one option for you iPad: Settings ==> General ==> Spotlight Search. The choices are: Contacts, Applications, Music, Notes. Mail etc.
    2. Launch Spotlight Search Screen on the tablet running iOS , 7.0 (sure not iPad Air / Retina iPad mini case) by pressing the Home button once. On devices with iOS 7 or greater just swipe down on any page of your home screen to reveal the search bar.
    3. Face the Search field .
    4. Tap this field and start typing the title of app you are intending to find.
    5. Look through the list of apps spotlighted just below the Search Field. Your favorite should be there.
    6. If not try to guess its name again and renew your typing.
    7. Tap the icon relevant to app you have found to launch app you were looking for.

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