Delete photos from iPad

So, following Apple's instructions you synced via iTunes your newest iPad Air / Retina iPad mini ol older tablet i.e iPad2 / iPad 3 / iPad 4 with one of your PC folders full of your favorite photos and found them all happily transferred into "Photos" app. The rule of thumb is that when you sync all pictures go into synced album in Photos app. After a while, you start to realize that you would be pleased if some of shots there were deleted. You tap on the Arrow button in the upper right corner of your screen and ……. became very frustrated - there was no option to delete your photo. We agree, the situation when there is no build-in way do delete sync photos from iPad is pretty stupid. But don't panic, the change can come quickly and easily:

    1. Create on your PC new empty folder.
    2. Make sure that the name of this new empty folder differs from the name of folder your Apple tablet was synced with in previous attempt.
    3. Sync your iPad with this new empty folder.

That is all. After sync your will find that synced album (with all your photos) has vanished from iPad. Are you happy? Probably not quite. You need a solution that would allow to have shots on iPad and at the same time to have option to remove them either one by one or by bunch selection. Again, don't panic, the change can come quickly and easily:

    1. Never use sync to transfer your photos from PC to iPad.
    2. Instead use one of designated 3rd party apps.
    3. One of the good apps is FileBrowser you can purchase in the Apple store.
    4. Use FileBrowser capability to wirelessly connect iPad to folder shared on your PC.
    5. Use this shared folder to transfer photos from PC to iPad via FileBrowser app.
    6. While transferring accept the FileBrowser's option to open your photos by native Photos app.

What is the difference? Transferred by this way your photos go again into Photos app, but into different album, namely Camera Roll / Saved Photos where they can be easily managed including deletion. To do photos deletion from Camera Roll album on iPad:

    1. Select the Albums view in Photos app.
    2. Tap Saved Photos to open this album.
    3. Tap on the arrow button on the top right. You will get the delete option now..
    4. Confirm ”Delete Selected Photos” option in pop-up.
If you still have no power to delete pics from iOS tablet make one step ahead and follow iPad Delete Photos Flowchart to pinpoint the problem.

Delete Photos Flowchart

Mind you, moving mouse / taping over the image will zoom its parts. Left click will trigger magnifier.

Sync Empty Folder Flowchart

To sync with empty folder:

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