Create folder for iPad apps

iOS 4.2 or higher adds one more tool to your arsenal that is you can group selected apps into dedicated folders that can be rearranged like ordinary applications. Here are simple steps to follow to create folders for apps that reside in iPad /iPad 2 / ipad 3 / iPad 4 or in the newest iPad Air / iPad mini:

    1. Tap and hold on icon of any app on your tablet until all icons begin wiggling.
    2. Select the wiggling icon of application that you want to group in the new folder and move it over top of the icon of another application wanted in the same folder.
    3. Keep it over the top until a black box will surround the second application.
    4. Let it go and experience two of your apps in a new subwindow nested on the screen of your iconic tablet. Actually this is the subwindow pertaining to folder you just created. iPad will offer the default name for this folder based on the type of applications you put into it. This name may be changed by typing in the relevant dialog box.
    5. Tap outside subwindow and watch wiggling both the new folder and all other apps around.If you intend to add more apps into this folder move (and then let them go) one by one the appropriate wiggling icons over folder’s icon.
    6. When all apps you selected are in the folder press Home button. For now on these apps are in folder. To launch one of them tap the folder icon and then, tap the icon of that app you want to play with.

Sometimes the app may refuse to move to folder your want to. If this a case move first that folder onto another place on the iPad's screen then repeat your afford with rebellious app. This should help. Please, notice that for devices running iOS < 7.0 maximum number of apps that can be put into one folder equals to 20. Opposite to this iOS 7.0 or greater allows multiple pages (up to 14) inside a single folder. Each page is capable to hold up to 9 apps. So, the more apps you put in folder the more pages you will have. You can end with 14 pages of apps in each folder and 9 apps per page in it. To move apps outside the folder:

    1. Tap the folder icon and then, touch and hold on the icon for that specific app until all icons begin wiggling.
    2. Move this selected icon outside folder’s subwindow and let it go.
    3. Press Home button.

If you want to remove specific folder from iPad move all folder’s apps outside. This will delete this folder from device. If you want to make the folder with only one application in it first create folder with two apps and then move one of two apps outside. The remaining app will live along in the folder you created. Be aware that iOS does not allow you to create subfolder for Apple tablet that is you cannot create folder inside the active one. Fiddling with tablet may encourage you to unveil 50+ secrets that can help you maintain iPad.